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Our goal is simple

Foster a relationship to make your financial life easier and wealthier

At Pira Wealth Management we take a client-focused approach to determine the best possible investments for your risk tolerance. As a fiduciary investment advisor, we decided to not sell commissioned products of any kind. We believe that you should be our top priority. 

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How it works

Here are some of the major steps in our portfolio management set-up process

Step 1

Start a conversation with your investment advisor representative, Kevin Pira, about your goals, risk tolerance, and needs.

Step 2

Approval of your brokerage account with our 5-star rated* custodian linked to Pira Wealth Management's master account.

Step 3

You fund your new account with the amount of pre-agreed capital and we'll help you with account settings and preferences.

Step 4

Your investment advisor will then begin investing your capital suited to your risk tolerance and needs. Meanwhile, we provide completely complimentary financial planning advice.*

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Why Choose Pira Wealth Management


Capture Market Gains

The stock market is one of the world's greatest wealth growers. It's important to stay invested for the long term. With our large array of tools, we can help you set up a Taxable account, Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, 529 Savings Plan, and much more! 


Fiduciary Responsibility

When it comes to investing your hard-earned wealth, you should be working with someone who has a fiduciary responsibility. Plainly put, it means that we are legally responsible to put your interests ahead of our own. Always. 


Low Capital Requirements

Many wealth management companies require $250,000 or more to even start a relationship with them. We believe that individuals should receive professional services too. That's why our capital minimum is $0!


Kevin Pira, Registered Investment Adviser

Access to portfolio management shouldn't be reserved only for the ultra-wealthy. That's why, as a legally mandated fiduciary, I created Pira Wealth Management.

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Our Custodian

Charles Schwab is the award-winning brokerage we use to safely manage your assets


5 Star Rating**

Click here for an independent review of their services

Charles Schwab has received multiple 5 star ratings* and "#1 online brokerage" ratings over several years.


Low Cost

Click here to learn more about Charles Schwab's fees

Charles Schwab offers lower commissions, no ticket charges, no minimums, no technology, software, platform or reporting fees, low financing rates and competitive interest paid on idle cash balances. 


Mobile App

Portfolio Management from your phone

Keep track of your portfolio and have access to a wide array of research from your smartphone with the Charles Schwab mobile app. 


Service & Support

Click here to learn more about their support options

Get reliable help anytime you need it. 24/7 phone and online support. Over 300 nationwide branches. And specialists who can assist throughout. 



Are You A Registered Investment Adviser? Are You Also A Fiduciary?

Yes and yes, Pira Wealth Management is a Registered Investment Adviser in the state of Iowa and a fiduicary advisory firm! We are allowed to have up to five clients in states outside of Iowa. For more information about the registration of Pira Wealth Management and its owner Kevin Pira, click here to open a new window on the Securities and Exchange Commission website.

Can Pira Wealth Management Help Me If I Don't Have A High Net Worth?

Yes! We specialize in helping individuals with many aspects of their financial lives. We want to grow with you no matter your net worth. From investment planning, college saving plans, individual retirement accounts, 401k, and much more. Reach out to us to see how we can best assist you!

How Can I Reach You?

You can fill out the contact form below to reach Kevin Pira and make an important step for your financial life.

How Do I Get Started?

Get in contact by emailing, calling, or messaging us below and we will be excited to help you!

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It All Starts With a Point of Contact

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